Hall of Fame 





The PORTRAIT CLASSICS Group on the Flickr site was set up in April 2007.  Members are limited to  a maximum of three images in the Group Pool at any one time. This ensures that the Pool does not become unwieldy and  that the quality  of the Group Pool remains high. Nonetheless, even with this limitation, the Group has almost 4500 Members and the Group Pool contains over 9500 images. It has become one of the most successful portrait Groups on the Flickr site.

To add interest to the PORTRAIT CLASSICS Group, a weekly Competition is held, each covering a different topic. Four winning photos are chosen by votes of Members each week.

The winning photos are displayed in THE PORTRAIT CLASSICS HALL OF FAME Group. Membership of this Group is restricted to winners of the weekly Competitions and, as a result, the Group Pool  contains a selection of images of the highest quality covering every facet of portraiture. A selection of the winning photos is displayed on this site. A number of Members of the PORTRAIT CLASSICS Group enter photos every week - as a result, their work appears more frequently among the winners.

Since the Competition was started, over 900 Members have entered  3000 photos into Competitions in the PORTRAIT CLASSICS Group.